Ice Bar London

At the cutting edge of the capital’s thriving bar culture, Ice Bar London brings a whole new meaning to ‘cool’ as the country’s one and only permanent ice bar.

Set in a former royal wine vault, Ice Bar London is professionally re-modelled every year, with the design and format of the bar transforming to effectively change the entire experience, bringing something different to enjoy for even the most ice-hardened of regular visitors.

Pure, new ice from the Torne River is shipped in from northern Sweden and chiselled by highly-skilled ice designers and sculptors to re-create the bar, furniture, walls and even the drinking vessels… all in crystal-clear ice! With temperatures kept at a constant -5ºC, visitors are obliged to don essential, designer thermals and are limited to just forty five minutes in the dramatically chilly location.

Ice Bar London is a jaw-dropping environment with a drinks menu and service to match the amazing setting. For ‘extreme’ entertainment, it’s very hard to beat.

Ice Bar London
31-33 Heddon Street, London W1

Tel: 020 7478 8910

Monday – Thursday: 15:30 – 22:15
Friday: 14:45 – 23.45
Saturday: 11.00 – 00.30
Sunday: 14:00 – 22.15

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